🌞 Solarpunk Societies

Building the Future We Want to See.

This is an open source course syllabus on building Solarpunk Societies. Solarpunk envisions a sustainable society enabled by cutting-edge technologies, interconnected with nature and community.

"Solar" represents renewable energy such as solar power, while "punk" refers to the countercultural, post-capitalist, and decolonial communitarian ethos for creating such a future.

In short, Solarpunk can be summarized as: Using advanced technology in service to mankinds’ overall wellbeing.

Both ‘technology’ and ‘wellbeing’ are multi-dimensional concepts beyond just infrastructure and physical health. This course dives into details on what these technologies can be, and what a holistically improved human society looks like.

Course Outline

Session 01: Leaving the Matrix

Session 02: Taking the Green Pill

Session 03: The Network State of Solarpunk Communities

Session 04: Pre-figuring Utopias

Session 05: Coordination Protocols

Session 06: Energy, Infrastructure and Climate

Session 07: Art and Technology

Session 07: Practical Actions

Watching course on Youtube

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